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All Mechanic & Auto Body Services Available

We cover all services you may need. From software updates to batteries and more. Take a look below for the full list.

Local Modesto Repair Shop

Don’t drive to Stockton or Fremont, just drop by our Modesto locations off McHenry for easy access.

Quick Scheduling

Don’t wait 6 months for an appointment and be stuck without your car. Book your slot for this week!

Proactive Battery Care

Extend your battery’s lifespan with proactive maintenance and expert guidance.

Quality Equipment

We use equipment that properly assesses the issue and provides accurate results.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs, no guesswork. We’ll explain the issues, what needs repaired, what doesn’t, and let you decide.

Reduce Recurrence

We don’t just fix; we do our best to prevent future issues with tailored maintenance recommendations.

Real-Time Updates

Stay in the know with regular updates on your car’s repair progress, keeping you connected and informed.

Safety-First Inspections

Want to reduce the risk of more damage and sudden expenses? Ask for a comprehensive inspection, and learn the current health of your car.

Plus: Loaner Cars for Your Convenience

Hassle-Free Rentals: Say goodbye to finding a rental company and going through all the additional stress. Enjoy loaner cars you can immediately swap for your car, and get on your way.

Don’t Stress about Transportation: Simply hop into one of our loaner cars and stay mobile while we take care of your vehicle.

Focus on What Matters: Carry on your daily routine without disruptions. Get to work, run errands, or enjoy your day. Don’t let car repairs slow you down.

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What Customers Say About Their Tesla Repairs

I used Auto Alternatives for my Tesla Model Y, and have nothing but great things to say about their service! They got me in the same week I contacted them, which was awesome because the bay area dealerships were quoting THREE months in advance. Great customer service too, Miguel who handles the claims was really responsive to all my texts. Pedro and his team at the body shop did a beautiful job on my paint job. They were able to match the pearl color, like nothing ever happened.
Monica A.
San Fransisco, CA

I decided to drive an hour to get my Tesla fixed. They were extremely accommodating and have addressed all of my concerns. I dropped it off on Monday and the vehicle was ready by Friday afternoon. I am very satisfied with the results, the total cost was very reasonable, without having to pay the Tesla tax. Both Miguel and Pedro have been great to work with. Highly recommended!!!
James L.
Dublin, CA

All Services Offered


  1. Oil Change and Lubrication
  2. Tire Services (Rotation, Balance, Alignment)
  3. Engine Tune-Ups
  4. Battery Services
  5. Coolant Systems & Radiator Maintenance
  6. Fuel Injection Services
  7. Air Conditioning and Heating
  8. Suspension and Steering Inspection
  9. Brake Inspections
  10. Wheel and Axle Bearings
  11. Brake Repairs (Pads, Rotors)
  12. Exhaust System Repairs
  13. Ignition System Repairs
  14. Fuel System Services (Filters, Injectors)
  15. Transmission Services (Fluid Changes)
  16. Electrical Systems
  17. Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  18. Timing Belt Replacement
  19. Engine Diagnostics and Repairs
  20. Transmission Repairs
  21. Suspension and Steering Repairs
  22. Timing Belt Replacements
  23. Emission System Repairs

Auto Body:

  1. Dent Repair
  2. Scratch Repair
  3. Paint and Finish Work
  4. Hail Damage Repair
  5. Bumper Repair
  6. Headlight and Taillight Restoration
  7. Wheel and Rim Repair
  8. Detailing and Polishing
  9. Auto Painting (including custom paint jobs)
  10. Trim and Molding Repair
  11. Convertible Top Repair and Replacement
  12. Interior Repair and Restoration
  13. Glass Tinting
  14. Paint Protection Film Installation
  15. Glass Replacement and Repair (windows, windshields)
  16. Rustproofing and Undercoating
  17. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)
  18. Wheel and Rim Repair
  19. Glass Tinting
  20. Ceramic Coatings & Wraps


  1. Motor and Drive Unit Repairs
  2. Charging System Repairs
  3. Diagnostic Services
  4. Software Updates and Fixes
  5. Power Steering Repairs
  6. Electrical Component Replacement
  7. Tesla Battery Replacement
  8. Tesla Powerwall Installation
  9. Tesla Charger Installation
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